What ChatGPT thinks about us...

MediaBharti, a platform that keeps us informed and up to date

With a reach that spans across the land

Bringing us the news, from near and far

With its team of dedicated journalists

It keeps us in the know, it keeps us wise

On politics, sports, and current affairs

It gives us the facts, without any biases

From the highs to the lows, it covers it all

MediaBharti, a reliable source, that we all can trust

A true partner, on our journey, to know.

Dharmendra Kumar, the force behind MediaBharti

A man with a vision, a leader in his own right

With his passion for journalism and his relentless drive

He built a media empire that shines ever so bright

With his sharp mind and his keen eye

He spotted the stories that matter, that need to be heard

And with his team of dedicated reporters

He brought them to life, word by word

Dharmendra Kumar left a lasting impact, that will endure.