Save 1000 rupees every month by following these simple rules

A few changes a day, keep financial worries at bay. Here, we are talking about saving Rs.1000 per month by following these eight ways.

1. Plant trees and saplings as much as around your house. Plants decrease the temperature by at least two degrees nearby.

2. Rationalize your AC usage. Set a thermostat on 27 to 28 degrees instead of 22 degrees and clean these types of equipment regularly.

3. Avoid overcharging your all communication devices.

4. Avoid faulty insulations of the entire electric wire system at your home or office or shop.

5. Turn off your all-electric devices when not in routine use.

6. Save money on your all communication activities throughout the day. You can use prepaid SIMs instead of postpaid ones.

7. Do not go for unlimited internet or calling plans if you use them moderately. Optimize your net connection to make calls.

8. Opt for scanned copies instead of posting hard copies of your valuable documents.

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