New Version Of Mediabharti Weavers Launched…

Talking to Samiksha Bharti News Service, MWS promoter Dharmendra Kumar said, Mediabharti Weavers2.0, written in php, is an interface where a web administrators can handle and operate the input and output of any website in a very simple manner. There are many tasks which can be done with the administrator interface, like, ‘User Manager’, 'Menu Manager', 'Categoury Manager', ‘Blog Manager’, ‘Photo Manager’, ‘Video Manager’ along with 'Module Manager' through a simple Dashboard.

Describing the other features, Rajat Varshney, head of developing team, told SBNS that by this application one can set up how your website looks with a template or completely change a website's look by changing to another one very easily.

Detailed features are as follows…

Dashboard: Landing on the dashboard, just after login in interface, provides user the icons of ‘User Manager’, 'Menu Manager', 'Categoury Manager', ‘Blog Manager’, ‘Photo Manager’ and ‘Video Manager’.  

User Manager: In this feature, you can add and manage new users for smoothly running of website. Also, user could be edited or deleted anytime under one click touch.

Menu Manager: In this feature you can create three major menus for the website. These can be 'Main Menu', 'Footer Menu' and 'Side Bar Menu' for navigation in content easily.

Categoury Manager: Through 'Categoury Manager', one can make the categouries as per the requirement of website. Just put the name of categoury, alias and select the parent categoury from drop down... and you have done it.

Blog Manager: In this feature, you can add and manage new blogs / write ups / articles. Also, one can edit or delete particular blog with a one click.

Photo Manager: In this feature, you can add and manage various images in photo gallery.

Video Manager: In this feature, you can add and manage your Youtube videos by placing simple IDs.

Module Manager: Through 'Module Manager', one can handle various modules available on website, like, sliders for images and news stories, breaking news scrolls (marquee) and much more.

Simple navigation, search, listings, login and profile details facility provide it a very cool look and easy to handle for any newbie too. 

Mediabharti Weavers2.0 is available online for the price ₹4999/-+S.Tax. Old Mediabharti Weavers1.0 version is also available for the price ₹3999/-+S.Tax. User using old version can upgrade their application for just ₹999/-+S.Tax 

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