‘Attam’ explores the dynamics between an individual and a group

The directorial venture of Anand Ekarshi, ‘Attam’ explores the dynamics between an individual and a group when pitted in certain uncomfortable situations.

This 140-minute-long cinematic masterpiece is guided by a cast led by the dynamic duo, Vinay Forrt and Zarin Shihab. It presents an evolving dynamic between an individual and the group.

‘Aattam’ revolves around a woman and 12 men from a theatre group called Arangu. They get a chance to be recognized internationally when they are given an offer by Chris and Emily, friends of Hari, an actor who was replaced by the lead role previously played by Vinay.

Anjaly, the only female artist in the play, is in love with Vinay and informs him that she was mistreated by Hari at a party which was hosted by Chris and Emily. Vinay tries to bring out Hari’s true colors by sharing this information with Madan, who agrees to discuss this with the rest of the team and eventually expels Hari. Friendships are at stake but monetary benefits and success is used as a tool to reward and bribe people’s moral fiber. As the events proceed, reality seems weirder when truths unravel.

Cast and Crew

Director: Anand Ekarshi

Producer: Joy Movie Productions LLP

Writer: Anand Ekarshi

DoP: Anurudh Aneesh

Editor: Mahesh Bhuvanend

Cast: Vinay Forrt and Zarin Shihab