'Real' fake news book launched in London

London: ‘Fake News Front’, the world’s first real fake news book launched here recently. It is 160 pages of hilarious completely made-up content crammed with actual fake news stories, fake analyses, fake opinions, and fake advertising.

“Over 20 years as a journalist I had the pleasure of reading around half a million press releases. It taught me that finding real news is quite hard. So, we just made up some stuff. Fake News Front is the only book with made-up fake articles about AI socks, jellyfish, sausages, inflight bingo, stolen wind farms, and lots more,” says Ambrose McNevin, Fake News Front editor.

With 13 sections ‘Fake News Front’ covers Food & Drinking; Health & Being; Fashion & Hair; International; Technology & Business; Science & Nature; Culture & Entertainment; Travel; Walking & Sport.

The book is for everyone aged nine to 99 and is suitable for all the family.