Half of the families own a handloom product in India

The majority of the people in the 21 States are aware of their native Handlooms. Overall, 62% of the respondents of a survey, conducted by Public App, displayed familiarity with their State's handloom and heritage. Notably, states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Assam demonstrated a deep affinity for their traditional handloom with 71%, 70%, and 73% respectively being familiar with it.

The poll findings indicate that 46 percent of respondents find handloom products easily available in their respective regions. The highest numbers were observed in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu, with 58%, 60%, 56%, and 58% of respondents respectively finding handloom products readily accessible.

When it comes to preferred shopping channels, the survey revealed that over 50% of the respondents usually shop from local stores, followed by 26% of respondents buying directly from the handloom weavers and the remaining from online platforms and Government-Supported Handloom Emporiums. Interestingly, respondents from Kerala (31%), Tamil Nadu (22%), and Tripura (20%) preferred to shop for handlooms from Government-Supported Handloom Emporiums.

The survey also delved into the motivations behind the purchase of Indian handloom products. For 43% of respondents, wearing Indian handlooms brought a sense of pride. Additionally, 23% expressed their desire to preserve the rich cultural heritage represented by these handloom products, while 22% chose to support local artisans and weavers and the allure of beautiful and unique handloom designs influenced 13% of respondents.

The survey findings indicated that over 47% of respondents own a handloom product in the family. Notably, states like Assam (60%), Gujarat (56%), Kerala (56%), Odisha (58%), and Punjab (56%) recorded the highest percentages showcasing the prevalent popularity of handlooms in these regions. In a bid to promote handlooms at a global and national level, a remarkable 88% of respondents expressed their desire to see Indian celebrities endorsing and donning more handloom products.