Be careful while doing banking transactions online...

Understanding cyber security best practices is crucial in today’s digital landscape to safeguard against cyber threats. With the rise in incidents such as phishing attacks, card frauds etc, it is imperative to stay vigilant at all times.

Here are some essential tips to follow while dealing with various digital activities…

Be Vigilant

Avoid clicking on suspicious emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages from unknown sources. Refrain from downloading attachments or clicking on links.

Exercise Caution

Do not respond to or forward suspicious emails or messages.

Stay Cautious

Beware of unsolicited emails demanding immediate action.

Guard Personal Information

Never share personal or financial details via email or phone, such as username, password, Aadhar number, OTP, Debit or Credit card details like PIN, CVV, etc. Bank never asks for such information via these channels.

Verify Websites

Verify the URL by placing or hovering the mouse pointer on the link provided in the mail to identify the actual website’s URL where the link is pointed. Be cautious of malicious websites that may appear identical to legitimate ones.

Mind Pop-ups

Avoid clicking on pop-ups and disable auto-connect to open Wi-Fi networks.

Stay Informed

Register for SMS or email alerts from the bank to monitor account and digital transactions.

Limit Personal Information

Restrict the amount of personal information shared online.

Secure Payment Information

Avoid storing card details on shopping websites and apps.

Keep Devices Updated

Ensure your devices are regularly updated, locked, and protected with strong passwords.

If you ever face any cybersecurity-related concerns or suspect fraudulent activity, report it to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal at They have also provided a toll-free number, i.e. 1930.

So, stay watchful, stay protected, and enjoy the comfort of secure banking practices.