Wedding stress can affect your charm, here is what to do

1. Acne problems may worsen as the day of your wedding draws near. A good thing to do is it to go see a dermatologist before the wedding so you that products to turn to in case you spot a zit bang on yours. You can also opt for a good skin care regimen and cleansing facials that will reduce the chances of a breakout. You can also book a good make-up artist who will ensure no one gets a hint about your trouble.

2. Hair loss is a common problem, but in times of stress, it can aggravate. So, if you spot clumps of hair falling out right before your wedding and you are otherwise healthy, you know what is causing it. Ensure you get more protein-rich food to boost hair growth. Ensure you do not brush wet hair, or use a high heat dryer.

3. Your nails are an important part of your beauty regime, and if you have brittle nails, make sure you opt for appropriate nail treatments before your wedding day.

4. A wedding calls for something extra in terms of your beauty regime, but it is best to not experiment too much at the last minute. So, it may not be such a good idea to opt for a different style of eyebrow shaping right before the wedding day. It may alter your whole look in a bad way. Stick to the tried and tested. If necessary, do experiments in advance.

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