Trip With Me: Rediscovering India Through A Camera…

His co-producer Shammika from Agra, a Hollywood trained cinematographer (and fiancee) told Samiksha Bharti News Service, "we wanted to create some unique and innovative content for the online digital medium. We deliberately set ourselves a challenge, a race against time providing thrills and excitement as we traversed through unseen uniqueness of our country."  The reality of India has been rediscovered showcasing a brand new side of India in all its glory and charm, she added.

Shubh Mukherjee is a theatre / film actor and a filmmaker. He created a company called Ipix movies, which produces international projects and documents Real Life Larger than Life Weddings. He also made documentaries, one of which was based on the terror attack that took place in a mall in Kenya.

Talking to SBNS Shubh Mukherjee said he always wanted to produce his own content on travelling. "I realised that though I had lived in India for 30 years there still was a lot unexplored."

In 2015, he took over 150 flights to different destinations and always came back with memories. He wanted to find a format to share these experiences. Thus he put together a production team to create TRIP WITH ME.

The idea was to travel across the country, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Rajasthan to Nagaland exploring and capturing the most unseen sights and stories. To make it more challenging and interesting, it was based on a time limit of 30 days. So, the concept of the show was to travel, to as many places, meet as many people; capture as many stories across the country in just 30 days.

What the team put together is India emerging as a vibrant, exuberant society whose energy source is its dynamic diversity. "India is all emotions," says Shubh. We show you some very fascinating and interesting facets of the country which will wow you for instance the twin town that was home to 250 pair of twins, the Lonar-lake that was created out of a meteor impact, drive on the world’s highest motor-able pass, exploring Asia’s cleanest village and a cup of tea in a restaurant with graves.

Some unique features of TRIP WITH ME, Season 1- INDIA in 30 Days

The unit covered more than 37,000 kilometres in 30 days, almost creating a drone-like map. The members remained disconnected with outside world during the period and the travelling was non-stop scanning the rugged terrain and virgin territories to look for unseen reality.

Shubh said a separate video will showcase national anthem sung by women of diverse cultures across the country. "We have captured at least 15 sunsets and sun rises from different locations to show the natural beauty of the country. Also we have touched all the international borders India shares with neighbouring countries."

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