Shiv Kumar To Produce Another Film In Braj Bhasha


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{/googleAds} Announcing this at the muhurat in Mathura, Shiv Kumar said the "shooting will begin mid-November and a large number of local artistes will get an opportunity to show their talent.

The film will have music by Ravindra Jain who will also sing a couple of songs.

Shiv Kumar said after the recent incentives announced by the state government, a number of film makers would be attracted to shoot in UP.

Shiv Kumar an actor, producer and director made the first Braj Bhasha film ‘Braj Bhoomi’ in 1982. His most successful film has been ‘Lalluram’ in 1985. He got a break to act in Kishore Sahu's ‘Poonam Ki Raat’ in 1965. He later played the lead role in ‘Hare Kaanch ki Chooriyan’ in 1967.

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