NGT Appoints Lawyer Commissioner For Vrindavan

The local police and the municipality has been directed to make arrangements.

Madhu Mangal Shukla, the petitioner told Samiksha Bharti News Service, "the problem of solid waste management has long been hanging fire. The local authorities had contested the charges but we have presented documentary evidence alongwith photographs of the ground realities."

Heaps of dirt and garbage still abound and there is no scientific mechanism in place to process solid waste, Shukla said.

The holy town is visited by lakhs of devotees and tourists every month. "With connectivity provided via the Yamuna Expressway, the pilgrim pressure has gone up sharply while the civic amenities continue to be woefully short of requirements," said eco-activist and convener of Friends of Vrindavan Jagan Nath Poddar.

The NGT appointed commissioner lawyer Rahul Khurana will now head for Vrindavan and review the situation.

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