Homeopath Parthasarthy Sets Record By Treating More Than 13 Lakh Patients

Parthasarthy Sharma said among the alternative therapies Homeopathy was definitely number one, more accessible and affordable than even Ayurved. "Even allopathic doctors, some are taking medicines from me, are suggesting that to counter the side effects and after effects of allopathic treatment for chronic diseases, the sweet pills do wonders."

Parthasarthy Sharma said a large number of his patients were those who were disenchanted or frustrated from allopathic treatment. "Since it is affordable and comparatively safer, the government should give homeopathy a big boost through schemes and incentives."

Sharma entered the Guinness Book of world records in 1998 treating 62481 patients. "In 20 years no one in the world has been able to batter this record. Sharma has now records to prove he has treated more than 13 lakh patients. He is giving his service to the Prithvi Chandra Charitable Homeopathic Hospital in Jaipur House, Agra, where a proper documentation is available for scrutiny," Sunil Jain, an ex-corporator and secretary of Lead Agra, told Samiksha Bharti News Service.

He is listed in the Limca Book of Records and the Asian Book of Records.

Sharma said he was passionate and fired by a "junoon" to help people in physical distress. Through homeopathy, "I have been of some service to society and my tonic is the satisfaction on the face of a treated patient."

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