Agra Flesh Market Trades Through Facebook While IT Experts Clone Fake Documents


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{/googleAds} Every few months, a gang is busted and scores of vehicles seized.

What's really different in this crime is the use of highly skilled computer technology personnel. A sex racket that was  busted last week in the Govind Puri area of Balkeshwar was found using Facebook to lure clients.

A team led by SP city Pavan Kumar raided a two-storeyed house in Govind Puri colony of Balkeshwar area and arrested eight people and three girls. The owner of the house and a pimp believed to be involved in running a flesh trade outlet for past several months were also arrested.

The action followed repeated complaints by neighbours who alleged that the chowki incharge of Balkeshwar was not only  ignoring them but was himself involved.

Police said the boys and girls were caught in compromising positions. The raiding party seized beer cans, condoms and liquor bottles.

Police said the racket queen Priya used to book clients through Facebook chatting, for which fake identities/profiles had been created.

Though Agra is historically infamous for running and sustaining flesh trade mandies in Basai, Sikandra, Mal ka Bazar, Seo ka Bazar areas, in recent years sex retail outlets have shifted from traditional red light areas and are operating in posh colonies where 'modern' call girls operate through state and national networks. Last month there were two raids in Mal ka Bazar area and a dead body of a prostitute was found lying on the road. Police traced her links to Kolkatta.

Three days ago, a police party cracked down on a shabby looking office in Shakti Market of Balkeshwar area. The sleuths of the crime branch were taken aback to recover forged documents, rubber stamps of various police stations, holograms, vehicle registration forms, blank voter ID cards, driving licences and government water-mark papers, as also mark-sheets.

Senior superintendent of police Subhash Chandra Dubey told Samiksha Bharti News Service that the gang had been active for quite sometime, forging documents, driving licences for use in various states including Maharashtra and MP.

Three members of the gang were arrested and an owner of a digital coloured photo copier shop in posh Kamla Nagar has also  been booked.

The police investigators were looking for half a dozen agents who used to lure victims from Transport Nagar, RTO office campus, and various other places. Officials said they suspected some of these forged documents might have been used to secure bails for criminals. Some clerks of the civil court are also believed to be in connivance with the gang.

Mohit and Ashwin Thakur were named as the master-minds. A large number of driving licences were recovered.

Sources said during the admission season the gang was seen working overtime to produce fake marksheets of various institutions, to facilitate entry. Mohit told the police he was fairly skilled at computer applications and use of various soft-wares including Corel-draw.

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